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Herbal mix USA Domestic


White Sage, Red rose, Yellow Rose, Mullein, Wormwood, Green Mint, Passion Flower, Blue Lotus, and Damiana

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5 reviews for Herbal mix USA Domestic

  1. Elfo

    Such a pleasurable mix

  2. Lenny Walters (verified owner)

    Everything about it is incredible!! Can’t get over how good the taste is

  3. Blair fredrickson

    I have the review yet, but I have plenty of friends to use you guys and know that you guys are legit so I’m looking forward to this product!

  4. KRISJAN (verified owner)

    A unique blend of fresh natural herbs perfectly suited for a smooth experience. Unique textures and interesting colors, will last a long time. Inherent good energy!

  5. Gratefulnotdeadhead (verified owner)

    Very very good blend, and I’m quite impressed in the therafter….

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