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29 replies on “Reviews

  • David A. Lindsay

    SANANGA is GREAT! “Cha” sent me because I got a cataract in my right eye that’s too small to remove surgically but is big enough to be very distracting. 🙂 Well, for a few weeks nothing happened, then the white mist disappeared, then the smeared oily window look came, and today, for the first time, I can SEE. It’s WORKING!
    I’m getting More.

  • albert5nava

    How long does it usually take to deliver? I didn’t put my order number on the order is that a issue? -Alberto Navarrete

  • skottjanzen719

    Thanks again for another fast shipment guys can’t wait to ty diy some t shirts LoL

  • kettlesaltandvinegar

    From all the way in Perth , Aus. Thankyou primebark for your service and quick delivery, Absolutely no dramas. cheers

  • Sean Gaddy

    Ive used these guys several times now, always a good experience. Enjoyed this service so much I posted a review about it 😉

  • The Transcendent Stoner

    Absolutely blown away by their bark! I will no longer go anywhere else to get mine! Thanks Prime Bark, keep up the amazing work.

  • The Transcendent Stoner

    Absolutely amazing bark!! Now that I’ve shopped I will no longer get it anywhere else. Next up on the list to try is the Sananga:D! But I expect the results will be the same. Keep up the amazing work and product Prime Bark and thank you for what you do.

  • christopher O'Neill

    The shipping and customer service is one of a kind. The quality of the MHRB I recieved was easily a 10/10. The amount of impact it was able to bring to many people will never be forgotten. The amount of change and growth it was also able to bring will forever have a impact on untold amounts of people. One love.

  • Sean

    Phenomenal product and customer service around! I have purchased dye from other companies and none come even close to comparing to the quality and price that Prime Bark offers!!

  • Cody White

    First order was received in the quoted timeframe and quality was hand and foot above any other vendor I’ve tried so far. Learned my lesson the hard way but simply will not try anywhere else as long as quality remains the same Primebark has a lifelong customer here. Thank you!

  • Micheal Monty

    Your product is absolutely wonderful, as advertised, unlike a lot of other vendors!! Will def be buying again.

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