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  • Neil Murphy ,

    Excellent quality bark and it came super fast. Will definitely buy again. Thank you Primebark.

  • kettlesaltandvinegar ,

    From all the way in Perth , Aus. Thankyou primebark for your service and quick delivery, Absolutely no dramas. cheers

  • Michael Sear ,

    One Love, more like the “one I love” this barks got bite

  • skottjanzen719 ,

    Thanks again for another fast shipment guys can’t wait to ty diy some t shirts LoL

  • Joshua ,

    Your bark is great big pieces and fast delivery!!! Awesome thanks primebark!!!

  • Prime Bark ,

    3 to 5 days

  • albert5nava ,

    How long does it usually take to deliver? I didn’t put my order number on the order is that a issue? -Alberto Navarrete

  • Prime Bark ,

    We ship to Canada from the USA.
    One love

  • Katie ,

    Do you ship to Canada and has anyone had any problems with ordering when they live in Canada?

  • David A. Lindsay ,

    SANANGA is GREAT! “Cha” sent me because I got a cataract in my right eye that’s too small to remove surgically but is big enough to be very distracting. 🙂 Well, for a few weeks nothing happened, then the white mist disappeared, then the smeared oily window look came, and today, for the first time, I can SEE. It’s WORKING!
    I’m getting More.

  • [email protected] ,

    Extremely great company great dye and excellent customer service! I won’t go anywhere else now.

  • jgooding91 ,

    Great company, easy, fast, amazing color dye
    #1 company

  • Prime Bark ,

    Yes we do

  • Pete ,

    Do you guys ship to Australia? Cheers.

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